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Here are some tips on editing:

Nudging - Use the arrow keys to move selected area left, right, up or down by 1 pixel.
Clear selection - Press ESC to clear the current selection.
Color picker - Press ALT to select a color from the canvas using a temporary color picker.
Animation Frame shortcuts - Press A to select the previous frame, D to select the next.
Customize - You can change the color of the transparency grid

The Palette, Editor tools, Tools, Layers and Animation timeline windows are displayed in side bar frames. These frames can be collapsed/expanded by clicking on the arrow icon, title or icon of the window pane. You can also press Tab to toggle all the sidebars.

Input fields

Throughout the Lightcube application where a number input is required, you can enter an equation or percentage value. For example:


In the mirror input fields, enter a percentage value such as 50% to set the mirror position at the center of the page.


In the canvas resize or image resize fields, you can enter 16*8 instead of 128, or 750/3 instead of 250, or 128-27 instead of 101.

Reference Images

To load a reference image, select Windows... Load Reference Image.... Select the image file from disk and it will be displayed in a window similar to the preview window.