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Exporting to an image file

Select the menu option File...Export to specify an export target file and the file format. In the dialog that is presented, you can select the format as PNG, BMP, GIF or JPEG and then set the output file path. You can also decide if additional frames should exported as an animation (GIF only) or as a sprite sheet or as individual files. You will also notice that you can enable an option to add a watermark to the exported image as well as the location of the watermark. The watermark should ideally be a transparent PNG.

Export options

Exporting animation frames as:


If layer has multiple frames and you select Animation as the output format, the export image can only be a GIF file.


Frames are layed out in a large sprite atlas.

Individual files

Frames are written out in the format selected, using the file name specification:


where xxx is the three digit padded frame number.