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In addition to unscheduled bug fixes and ongoing improvements, the features listed here, in no particular order, are major improvements that will be added to the product over time. User requested features will also be added to the product over time. If you would like to request a feature, please let us know at

  • The ability to add text styled with a bitmap font or any installed system font. Completed
  • Layer blending modes. Completed
  • Animation actions on the timeline such as rotate, move, scroll etc.
  • Layer grouping will enable you to group layers and perform group operations on those layers.
  • The addition of a Curve drawing tool.
  • Create brushes on the fly using selected pixels.
  • Add a z-index to tiles in the tilemap to allow overlaying tiles.
  • Support for more than two colors in a color gradient.
  • As an alternative to a color gradient, the gradient tool will also support a dithering gradient.
  • Airbrush tool with randomized output based on a strength setting.
  • Add dynamic lights to a scene.
  • Perspective guide for easy perspective line drawing.
  • Walk cycle generator for sprites.
  • Animation frame tweening instead of moving each frame by hand.
  • Export to Godot game engine.
  • More image effects including edge detection, outline, blurring and quantizing.