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Update 1.1.2



  • Sometimes Lightcube will crash when loading .art files. The files are not corrupt, the application is just incorrectly loading them, this is now fixed.

Update 1.1.1



  • When editing an image file (.png, .gif, .jpeg or .bmp), changes are not saved to disk.
  • Incorrect text appearing in file save dialog file type filter

Update 1.1.0



  • Export animation to MP4 video
  • Export sprites to Godot


  • New animation frame group now automatically picks a different color to the previous group
  • Improved drawing thumbnail in layer when artwork is less than 65x65
  • Animation playback now constrained within current frame group
  • Save & Export hotkey changed from Ctrl+Alt+S to Shift+S (Ctrl+Alt+S activates speech recognition on Windows)
  • Custom rotate now displays the rotation angle in the status bar whilst you are rotating a selection of pixels.


  • Fixed free rotation, sometimes pixels selected for rotation would disappear when free rotated
  • Fixed the really annoying pixel coordinate issue where the selection click point is biased to the top left corner.
  • Photoshop files with unicode layer names caused Lightcube to crash
  • Large photoshop files caused Lightcube to crash
  • Photoshop animation frames not imported
  • PNG export did not work correctly with pixels that had alpha < 255
  • Layers with alpha < 255 did not blend correctly when the selected layer changed, created temporary issues whilst drawing
  • On a locked layer, the color picker tool still works but the cursor shows no access - fixed the cursor
  • If you have a floating selection of pixels and add/duplicate the layer, the floating section is moved to the new layer

Update 1.0.11



  • Text added to the scene is now added as a floating selection, allowing you to move it with the selection tool before making the change permanent.


  • Text block creates memory leak in undo data.
  • Move tool doesn't have an undo action.
  • On restart, select Text tool, the preview shows the preview text Arial instead of the current selected font.
  • While selecting content if you press Ctrl+X, it leaves a solid line rect and copies nothing.
  • In the animation window if you copy a frame, it does not copy the frame duration.
  • If you create new document, draw, click close application without saving, it prompts to save file. Enter filename, prompts again and if you ignore the 2nd prompt, nothing has been written out.

Update 1.0.10



  • Switching from Text tool to another tool can lead to shift, alt and ctrl not being detected.
  • Making changes to the font size using the keyboard can cause unexpected changes to the text content.
  • Animation onion skin is not working after the layer blending mode update.
  • When you make a duplicate of a tab and then click save, instead of prompting for a filename it just overwrites the original file.

Update 1.0.9



  • Layer blend modes including multiply, linear burn, darken, lighten and more.
  • Toolbar with Undo, Rotate, Flip, Cut, Copy, Paste, Grid and Zoom buttons.


  • Drawing a shape with the option fill the shape automaticall crashes the application.
  • Drawing with a lower alpha level on a blank canvas led to incorrect blending.
  • Pressing tab whilst in dialog window causes main UI to expand or collapse.
  • Erase tool required mouse move before erasing pixel under the click point.
  • Erase tool strength setting was being ignored.
  • Floating pixel selection is moved by arrow keys if arrow keys are pressed in edit control.
  • Rotate image clockwise messes up the image.
  • Rotate image anti-clockwise messes up the image.
  • If you close the application with unsaved changes and the animation playing, the app crashes.
  • Exporting to folder that doesn't exist and it fails, no error msg.
  • Sometimes focus is lost and shift, alt, ctrl no longer works.
  • Undo after color replace all doesn't work.
  • Crop was only working on a selection rect, if you select Crop now without a selection rect, any pixels outside of the canvas bounds are removed.
  • Undo only restores pixel data in the canvas area, pixels outside of the canvas remain changed.
  • Flood fill doesn't work properly with content that exceeds the canvas size.
  • Trim doesn't work properly with content that exceeds the canvas size.
  • Color picker doesn't get the pixel alpha level, only the R, G and B value.
  • Merging a layer into the layer below it with a frame offset causes the top layer to move to meet the layer below it.
  • Fixed some photoshop PSD import bugs.
  • Made the grid input fields larger to support expressions better.

Update 1.0.8



  • Text tool with font selection, size, bold etc.
  • More brush shapes including 24px patterns, 24px landscape, 32px windows and doors and hex shapes.


  • Application window title used to show filename, now shows full filename and path


  • Improved pen tablet drawing support, fixed random lines being drawn
  • On pen tablets, undo stores same action twice, so you have to hit ctrl+z twice to undo drawing
  • Move tool doesn't store undo action
  • Grab action didn't change cursor to show grab icon
  • Removed old menu item in Simplified Chinese langauge
  • Grab action doesn't show pan cursor (hand)
  • Tab incorrectly toggles window pane visibility, should only toggle windows that were visible
  • Selection mode allowed invalid mode to be selected, could not move selection with cursor
  • Sometimes window would not regain focus after editing tile settings, after than shift and del would not work
  • Pasting an image and then selecting crop would crop the image but the pasted section would be missing
  • Pasting an image and then selecting trim would trim the image but the pasted section would be missing
  • Pasting an image and then selecting export could lead to an image with the pasted section missing
  • Edit...copy merged created black and white image and included layers that had visibility disabled
  • Pasting an image and then selecting file save could lead to an image with the pasted section missing
  • Pressing tab in any edit fields caused the ui to expand/collapse
  • If tilemap is zoomed, tile selector remains at selected tile, but actual selected tile is first tile.
  • Animation panel doesn't expand when the arrow is clicked.
  • Changed how autosave files are made available for recovery.
  • Various UI tweaks

Update 1.0.7



  • Tool option to let tablet pressure affect pen size
  • Tool option to let tablet pressure affect eraser size


  • Tablet compatibility, works correctly now with tablet pen and with surface pro
  • Fixed Brush tool blank spots
  • Removed grayed-out menu option for animation window
  • Fixed PSD import for an image with only a background color, was coming up blank
  • Pressing delete in an edit control of the tile window caused the canvas to be cleared
  • Small palette window scroll position taken into account when clicking, correct color is chosen
  • Small palette window now scrolls vertically with mouse wheel
  • Gradient fill in a selected area didn't always work, just got no fill whatsoever
  • Clicking on the Tiled tab when the window pane is collapsed incorrectly opens the animation tab
  • Magic wand selection bug fixed
  • Fixed onion skin, was enabled always and ignored user setting. Onion skin displayed during animation playback.