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Color palettes

The color palette window is a 16 x 16 grid of slots providing a means to store a total of 256 colors. By default, the palette is locked - unless it is empty - and if locked, any movement in the color picker or changes to the mixer will not affect the color selected in the palette. To make changes to the palette, first unlock it by click on the lock button:

Palette lock toggle button

Palette is locked by default:

Locked palette

An unlocked palette has thicker grid lines:

Unlocked palette

Loading a palette from file

You can also choose to load a new palette by clicking the Load Palette button Load palette button. Lightcube supports the following palette file formats:

  • Gimp (.gpl)
  • JASC (.pal)
  • Hex (.hex)
  • Text (.txt)

as well as extracting the palette from any supported image file. For a good selection of palettes, visit

Saving a palette

You can save the current palette to any one of the supported palette file formats by clicking on the Palette presets button button.

Palette presets

When you create a new document you can select the palette from a list of defaults, this list of default palettes is also available by clicking on the Presets button Palette save button.

Deleting colors in a palette

Use the Delete color button Color delete button button remove a color from the palette. You can use the Clear palette button Color clear button button to remove all colors from the palette.

Sorting colors

Use the Sort button Color sort button, colors can be sorted by Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Red, Green, Blue and the average value of Red, Green and Blue.